3. Management commands

3.1. goscale

All the commands in GoScale CMS are grouped under one command “goscale”. Run it with –help option to list all available commands:

python manage.py goscale --help

3.2. update_slugs

Re-saves all posts for all GoScale plugins and re-generates slugs based on post titles and IDs.


python manage.py goscale update_slugs

3.1. update_posts

Updates posts for all GoScale plugins.

You can put run it manually or as a cron job to keep your plugins content up-to-date and cached. But the best way to do it is by using Celery task queue!

Available options:

  • -s, –site - Site ID to filter plugins.
  • -t, –theme - Theme name to filter plugins.


python manage.py goscale update_posts --site=2